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    How To Cleanse Properly

    Cleansing correctly is extremely important. In fact, it’s the first step to having beautiful skin, says Jurlique's Ultimate Beauty Expert Rebecca Nicholls. Here’s how to cleanse properly …

    “Modern life sees skin come into contact with pollution, smoke, makeup and sunscreens and these can all makes skin dry, dull and lifeless,” continues Rebecca, adding that exposure to these contaminants, combined with the skin’s natural production of sebum and dead skin cells, can affect skin’s health and permanently damages its texture. “If you don’t cleanse properly and regularly skin will start to look dull with an uneven texture and surface imperfections, blackheads will be more common and skin will lose its healthy glow.”

    This makes the simple act of washing your face an essential part of your skincare routine. “Regular and gentle cleansing helps to remove impurities, leaving skin clean and refreshed,” says Rebecca.

    To preserve healthy looking, beautiful radiant skin, follow these four simple steps to make sure you are cleansing your face correctly.

    1. Choose the right cleanser
    "The right cleanser for you depends on your skin type", says Christine Ho, a beauty therapist at the Jurlique Chatswood Chase store. “Observe the skin without makeup in the morning, midday, mid-afternoon and evening to find out the oil-flow of the skin and which part of the skin seems shinier than others,” she says.
    A combination skin sees slightly more oil-flow on the T-zone (the forehead, nose and chin area). Oily skin has an all over sheen, while dry skin lacks shine (and oil-flow).

    "Also pay attention to tautness and fine lines or crepiness, which signal dehydration and dryness", says Christine. "Once you’ve determined your skin type, choosing the best cleanser will be easy."

    2. Use warm water
    “Hot water will dry out skin too much,” warns Christine. "Using small circlular motions, start cleansing at your forehead and move down to the nose and out to the cheeks before finishing up at the neck."

    3. Cool rinse
    "After cleansing, rinse with cool water to refresh skin", recommends Chrstine. “This helps to prepare the skin so it is ready to absorb the beneficial ingredients of other face care products more easily.”

    4. And repeat
    It’s important to cleanse every morning and night. You may not feel like making any extra effort at the end of a long day, but Christine recommends cleansing twice in the evening if you’ve been wearing makeup – once to remove makeup, another time to actually clean skin. Incorporate a double-cleanse into your skincare ritual and your skin will thank you.

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