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    Live Mindfully

    Mindfulness expert and executive coach Vashti Whitfield has created an exclusive four-part series of guest blogs where she explores what it means to be mindful and practice mindfulness everyday. 


    If you don’t take the time to imagine, think and declare what you would most like, nothing is likely to change.

    Vashti Whitfield
    Meet Vashti

    Vashti Whitfield is a thought leader and change maker. In this exclusive four-part blog series, Vashti will challenge you to find your own potential and leave you grounded in the knowledge that life and legacy are what you make of them. 

    Try Vashti's Challenge
    What is Mindfulness?

    What does the practice of mindfulness mean to you? Is it a physical sensation or a mental clearing of your mind? In this blog, Vashti Whitfield explores what it means to be mindful and daily practices that you can try yourself.

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    Finding your focus

    Practicing mindfulness allows you to focus your awareness and attention back to what is most important to you. By focusing on what’s important you can transform the way you experience life.   

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    Jurlique X Vashti Whitfield Mindfulness Challenge

    This challenge is all about reconnecting your body and mind to support optimal wellbeing. Each week there is a specific action to take on and try out. You will learn how to shift your mindset, achieve your goals and feel more calm and grounded. Download the challenge below.

    Download the Mindfulness Challenge
    WIN 2 Sessions with Vashti

    Enter to win two 60-minute coaching sessions with Vashti Whitfield to help you realise your personal and professional success and the capacity to find purpose, passion and pride in all that you do. Two coaching sessions valued at $1,200.* Entries close 18 October 2016

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    Taking control of self-limiting thoughts

    Do you ever feel like you are doing all the ‘right things’ –  setting goals, taking actions - but you’re not getting any traction? Sometimes it’s not your actions that hold you back, but your beliefs. In this article Vashti explores how our beliefs lead our minds to work for us – or against us. 

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    Achieving Understanding

    Our brains are hardwired to think forward and achieve our goals. It is this part of the brain that, when clear in intention, is motivated and capable of making anything happen. But we’re also hardwired to protect ourselves against pain. In this post, Vashti outlines how a daily mindfulness practice can help you deal with whatever life is going to throw at you.

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