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    Find Your Natural Glow

    As a leader in natural skin care and a true pioneer of the wellness movement, we believe that when it comes to skin care, health and wellbeing, nature is the answer.

    The whole idea of Jurlique was not only to create skin care products, our dream was to connect people back to nature. That connection… that’s the really important thing for us as human beings. 

    Ulrike Klein, Co-founder
    The Jurlique Skin Care Challenge

    This 14-day skin care challenge was designed to help you add new and healthy skin care habits to your daily and weekly routines. Before you start the Skin Care Challenge visit a Jurlique store or counter and ask your Beauty Expert to recommend the products you will need to complete the challenge. You’ll receive samples that you can take home for almost every step to get started!

    Take the Challenge
    Win a Jurlique Skin Care Gift!

    We've got just the thing for you to get started on your Skin Care Challenge! Enter to win a $1,000 Jurlique Gift Card or one of five Jurlique Skin Care Hampers.* Entries close 18 October 2016. 

    Enter to Win
    What is Natural Skin Care?

    We care so deeply about the purity and potency of our skin care that we control every step of the production process - from growing and extracting our own biodynamic botanicals to formulating our products. All of our ingredients are free from fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. 

    Read more on the blog
    How stress affects your skin

    Nurturing happy, healthy skin begins with using the best products to cleanse, moisturise and rejuvenate – but it doesn’t stop there. The truth is, caring for your skin can be difficult, and stress can be a major factor.

    Read more on the blog
    Understanding your skin type

    We all want to look and feel our best, so when it comes to your complexion, tailoring your skin care ritual to your skin type is key. But how do you know which skin type is yours? 

    Find out more on the blog
    Detox your skin, detox your life

    A regular skin care ritual provides the solution you need to deeply cleanse and purify. Jurlique’s Purity Specialist range is a two-step system specifically formulated to remove pollution and product build-up for a gorgeous, glowing complexion.

    Read more on the blog
    Your Detoxifying Purity Ritual

    Pollution, make-up, sunscreen and skin care products can build up on your skin over time, even if you cleanse daily. This build up can clog pores, cause breakouts and blackheads, and cause skin to look dull. Use this this two-step system weekly to help soften and remove impurities and deeply cleanse the skin. Use after your normal cleanser and before applying your toning mist. 

    Step 1: Cleanse

    Use your preferred cleanser to wash away surface impurities, excess oil and residual makeup to leave your skin clean, comfortable and soft. 

    Shop Cleansers
    Step 2: Purify

    Add two capfuls of Purity Specialist Compress Concentrate to a bowl of warm water. Immerse a cloth into the water. Press the warm cloth over your face and neck, repeat 3 times. 

    Shop Purity Specialist Compress Concentrate
    Step 3: Treat

    Apply an even layer of the treatment Mask to your face and neck. Relax for 10 minutes. Add a little warm water to reactivate and gently massage to exfoliate. Rinse thoroughly. 

    Shop Purity Specialist Treatment Mask
    Step 4: Mist

    Follow with a daily mist to restore, hydrate and balance your complexion.  

    Shop Mists