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    Why After-Sun Care Is So Important

    We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun. But what about the role of after-sun care? It gets far less attention – but it’s essential to healthy skin.

    There’s no doubt spending time in the sun can be great for your wellbeing. But if that little bit of sun becomes too much, a whole slew of skin problems can result – from wrinkles and premature skin ageing, to hyperpigmentation.

    And while using a broad-spectrum sunscreen is vital, we shouldn’t rely on sunscreen alone to give our skin all the protection and care it needs from the sun, said Jurlique’s Ultimate Beauty Expert, Rebecca Nicholls.

    “Sunscreen works by filtering UV radiation with a barrier that absorbs and/or reflects the UV rays away from the skin,” she explained. “The higher the SPF and PA ratings, the smaller the amount of UV radiation getting through.

    “But no sunscreen can provide 100% protection from UV radiation. And what does get through accumulates, and may lead to sunburn if you stay out in the direct sun for too long.”

    What’s more, you don’t necessarily have to be sunburnt to suffer long-term damage. “Tanning is your skin cells in trauma. Even a light tan is a sign you’ve been exposed to too much sun.”

    This is why Jurlique decided to include an after-sun product in its new Sun Specialist skin care range, Rebecca explained.

    “Post-sun treatment is essential in helping to prevent today's sun exposure from becoming tomorrow's visible damage,” she said. “Our After Sun Replenishing Moisturising Lotion is designed to help comfort the skin and replenish moisture loss due to excess sun exposure.”

    How to give your skin the after-sun care it needs

    Take a cool shower or bath. This will help soothe your skin and prepare it for Step 2.

    Apply a nourishing and comforting after-sun lotion. “After Sun Replenishing Moisturising Lotion to help keep your skin moist and supple, ” Rebecca said. “Its natural ingredients will also
    help protect your skin, and soothe the effects of overexposure to the sun.”

    Give your skin time to recover. Avoid using harsh or irritating cleansers or treatments for at least the next few days. And if you can, delay waxing or shaving until your skin has healed.

    Protect your skin from further sun exposure. It’s never a good idea to expose already damaged skin to more sun. Try using a broad-spectrum sunscreen that also deeply moisturises your skin, such as our Sun Specialist SPF40 High Protection Cream PA+++.

    Shop the Story: Sun Specialist Range

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