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    Detox your skin, detox your life

    Spring is the time of year that evokes thoughts of blooming and renewal, so it’s not surprising that it’s also a popular time for health kicks. Detoxing – which minimises the effects of harmful or undesirable influences on your wellbeing – is high on people’s to-do lists, particularly when it comes to diet, exercise and lifestyle.

    But detoxing is about more than just upping the juice cleanses and beach runs. There’s detoxing your skin, detoxing your home, detoxing your habits – detoxing your life – with a nurturing, holistic approach to wellness.

    Because it’s not about cutting out the good stuff. It’s about taking care of you, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and making sure you have everything you need to live a happy, healthy life.

    Read on to learn about detoxing your skin, life, and everything in between.

    Detoxing your skin

    Your skin detox starts with understanding external aggressors. Pollution is a big one, whether you live in an urban or rural area. Links have been found between exposure to these particulate matter and skin health.

    On the other end of the spectrum, you have obvious external aggravators like make-up, which is longwearing and has direct access to skin. While cleansing and exfoliating can help remove impurities, a regular skin care  ritual provides the solution you need to deeply cleanse and purify.

    Introducing Purity Specialist

    Designed for detoxing

    Jurlique’s Purity Specialist range is a two-step system specifically formulated remove pollution and product build-up for a gorgeous, glowing complexion. It offers a soothing treatment ritual, giving you time to relax, reconnect and enhance wellbeing as you nurture your skin.

    Purity Specialist Compress Concentrate

    This potent botanical concentrate blends purifying extracts to help open pores, release impurities and prepare skin for further treatement. Rich antioxidants also help protect skin from pollutants and premature ageing. The concentrate includes:

    • Soap Bark, to cleanse and purify
    • Chamomile, which protects and restores radiance
    • Indian Cress, to protect and tone

    Use weekly or as needed after your normal cleanser, and before your toning mist.


    Purity Specialist Treatment Mask

    This creamy clay mask has natural ingredients to deeply cleanse and absorb impurities for radiant, healthy skin. These include:

    • Kaolin to absorb impurities
    • Rosemary, which cleanses and protects
    • Apricot Seed, which exfoliates and smooth
    • Peppermint to invigorate and soothe

    Apply after Purity Specialist Compress Concentrate, as it opens pores, making impurities easier to remove. Follow with the rest of your Jurlique skin care ritual.


    Detoxing your life

    While waiting for your treatment mask, think about which areas of your life are most in need of detoxing:

    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Sleep
    • Family
    • Relationship
    • Friends
    • House
    • Finance
    • Work

    What ideas do you have about improving them, particularly for the ones you really care about?

    For example, if you’d like to detox at home, would a declutter help? Or is it more about crafting a relaxing, restful atmosphere to rejuvenate in? At work, does detoxing involve better time or stress management? Or is it working on more projects that bring you joy, while allowing you to stretch and grow?

    Asking these questions and being openly curious about discovering answers means you’re not just problem solving, you’re unlocking opportunities (and in ways that inspire you to action).

    The idea behind detoxing is really about finding your optimal balance, to ensure a happy life experience. If you’ve over-extended in particular areas, the knock-on effect is to no doubt feel under-exposed in others. Returning to your equilibrium – and in ways that satisfy you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – is your ultimate path to wellness.

    1 World Health Organisation (WHO) factsheet, No 313, HYPERLINK “” Ambient (outdoor) air quality and health, updated March 2014.

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    Purity Specialist Compress Concentrate | $65


    Purity Specialist Treatment Mask | $85


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