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    Jacqueline Alwill's Secret to Glowing Inside and Out

    It’s not everyday that I hand over my home, beauty cabinet, kitchen and bedroom and reveal all, but when the team from the most iconic Australian, botanical skincare brand, Jurlique, makes this little request…I do. You see, it’s all very well to speak about health and beauty but it’s most important to see it in practice so that’s how I plan to share it with you. Small things I do, each day to make me feel abundant with life, radiant and glowing.


    Pre exercise I use a few drops of Jurlique Firming Face Oil and if training outdoors a natural sun cream. In my younger years, I didn’t use anything during exercise and know that this damaged my skin, however, these days I know I put my skin in a better position to handle the dehydrating effects of exercise and protect my skin from the sun.

    Post exercise the focus is on plenty of water and my most cherished skincare ritual of the day for both face and body. In recent years having partnered and worked with Jurlique I include their heavenly skincare products into my regime. Jurlique’s range of natural botanical ingredients complement my life and my skin beautifully, giving me the glow I want to see and the softness I want to feel on my skin.

    Pre shower cleanse to my face with Jurlique Nourishing Cleansing Oil followed by a shower with Jurlique Refreshing Citrus Shower Gel and body moisturiser of these delicious citrus fragrances too. They’re new to my ritual having only been launched by Jurlique recently and I couldn’t live without them. Citrus is one of my favourite fragrances to refresh the senses and my skin and naturally complement other nourishing citrus ingredients in my life particularly in the morning - lemon, grapefruit and orange.

    "As a nutritionist, I want my skin care to be as natural and good for me as the food I eat. That’s why I love Jurlique’s new shower gels and body lotions."

    As for the delicate skin on my face, that which helps amplify the glow from the nutritious food I eat to fuel my body, it’s a 4 step process, which these days is:

    My skincare ritual is followed by a mid morning meal and most importantly with this meal is the consciousness and ritual in acknowledging the food and meal to fuel my health, much like my ritual in skincare.

    Whether weekend or weekday, my day is structured in time blocks which helps manage projects in work and life and my breaks involve small things. Quick meal prep (lots of colourful rainbow bowls), a nourishing snack, a quick spritz of Rosewater Balancing Mist and these days too with my hands so much in use through my work, taking the time as my tea brews to moisturise my hands - Jurlique’s Refreshing Citrus Lotion or signature Rose Hand Cream by far my favourites and always near by whether it’s bedroom, kitchen or office.

    As I write this, I know in words these ‘breaks’ look idealistic rather than realistic, but when in practice it is much different and far easier once you’re in the groove.

    And speaking of groove, or the juggle of attempting to fit it all in - family, work, life, me. There isn’t really an art, or to be honest a balance. Rather, what I’ve discovered is the nature in which and what I choose to juggle.

    And when I do, most importantly is ensuring it involves elements that create meaning in what I (we) do everyday. That’s my intention with my family, my work and partnerships such as Jurlique, with the practices I put in play with my own health and self care.

    In all aspects there is creativity, intention and meaning from the smallest of things to the greatest. Ultimately I feel a glow from within which makes me feel radiant on the outside too.

    Choose from four uplifting fragrances:

    • Softening Rose
    • Calming Lavender
    • Refreshing Citrus
    • Restoring Lemon, Geranium

    Which one will you pick?

    Also available: NEW matching body lotions

    indulgent shower gels in four bottles rose lavender citrus lemon geranium clary sage

    By Jacqueline Alwill xxxx
    Instagram   Facebook   Twitter

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