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    28 Ways to Renew Your Skin and Health with Jacqueline Alwill

    Over the course of the next 28 Day Radiance Renewal with Jurlique’s unique 2 step programme I’ve written a supplementary guide for you to simultaneously consider and hopefully tweak elements of your health each and every day. When we do so we offer the body support in a variety of ways so that ultimately as we renew the radiance of our skin, we do so too within.


    DAY 1 : CHANGE

    We can’t expect to change our health and establish a beautiful glow in our skin unless we change the way we think about how we approach these aspects in our daily lives. Today, plan how we, you, move through the next 28 days and what will keep you on track during this time. You have the guidance and daily ritual of integrating Jurlique’s 28 Day Radiance Renewal Programme and as we use this each day, this is our gentle reminder of the supportive components we will integrate during this time. When I focus on achieving something, I write down goals, but I also write the ‘why’ behind it. So for this period my goal is to ‘renew the glow in my skin’, but the ‘why’ is because ‘I want to feel radiant from the inside out.’

    What is your goal? What is your why? Write these down today and remind yourself of them as you move through your skincare ritual.



    Cleansing is as important on the skin as it is within. Our body has natural detoxification pathways through the liver and kidneys, however, sometimes we put too much pressure on them through diet, alcohol, and stress and they aren’t necessarily as efficient and effective. This can affect the glow and radiance in our skin. If we focus on how to ‘cleanse’ elements of our lifestyle such as our diet, our stress levels, right down to the way we think, it can show in our beautiful face. To gently cleanse the diet, consider reducing refined sugars, alcohol and processed foods for this month to really reap the benefits.

    Is your vice sugar, alcohol or something packaged and processed? How will you gently draw this out of your diet to allow your body to cleanse and detoxify efficiently? Write down your vice (or vices!) and what behaviours lead you to them. Remember to revisit the ‘why’ you do things the way you and then begin the process of change.



    That old chestnut right! Well, the answer is yes, always and forever…HYDRATE. Water is vital for all the systems in our body to function in harmony, to feel energised, satisfied and to ensure there is adequate hydration delivered to our skin cells. Hydration doesn’t just come through a glass of water - eating plants, in particular vegetables offer water to our bodies too. Other aspects of diet such as caffeine and alcohol, draw water from the body and from our skin. Today the focus is to establish a frequent hydration pattern. Rise with a big glass of filtered water to kick things off. Ensure a litre of water is consumed before midday and the remaining litre by end of day to tick that ole’ hydration box. Your body and your skin will only be thankful for it.

    Tally your water intake if you struggle to reach 8 glasses a day, either with a written glass tally or a simple 2x 1L bottles before and after lunch. When we visibly see our intake we stay on track with water consumption and feel all the more for it.


    DAY 4 : REDUCE

    Moving from increasing water intake, let’s touch on those elements drawing water from the body and skin. Consider caffeine and alcohol here. These two dietary factors alone draw water from our body and yet many people consume more coffee, black tea and alcohol in a day than they do water. When we shift that to consuming more water than coffee, or alternating alcohol with water when having a few drinks the effects on our body’s hydration and overall wellbeing are instantaneous. And, much like with how we drink water and reduce elements that dehydrate our body, the same applies to our skin. When we protect and deeply moisturise our skin through daily rituals it shows. Without those rituals our skin can be left feeling and looking dry, sallow and lack lustre. Our focus is RADIANCE.

    Consider how much (black) tea or coffee you are realistically (be honest with yourself!) drinking daily and reduce it slowly. This process of reducing slowly rather than all at once is of greater benefit to establish long term health habits, than attempting to overhaul everything all at once.


    DAY 5: SWAP 

    As we work through hydration we’re now looking at how to make the swaps. We started with increasing water, then we reduced dehydrating elements (alcohol, coffee), now it’s time to ensure you have plenty of variety in how you’re hydrating, so that the old habits don’t slide in again. Health is an investment and today let’s consider investing in some beautiful herbal teas to support your health and vitality. I love those which support digestion such as peppermint, some to calm the body and skin such as chamomile and I integrate others such as passionflower for sleep and echinacea for immunity and restoration. Just as echinacea restores within the body, it is a key ingredient also found in Jurlique’s 28 Day Programme : Radiance Renewal to hydrate and restore the skin too.

    Write a small list of the ways you CAN hydrate your body and your skin (water, herbal tea etc) and focus on the CAN HAVES before you work through and resist the elements we’re trying to reduce. When we focus on what we can our mindset changes…remember Day 1 was all about mindset, this is ongoing.


    DAY 6: MOVE

    Exercise is important to our body and health on so many levels - physical, emotional and mental, but many of us resist implementing a quality exercise regime. Well, today is the day if that’s you. Start simple and give yourself time to progress - a walk will do if you’re new to it. This movement not only strengthens our body, but it strengthens our minds, releases endorphins (welcome to the feel goods) and with a little bit of sweat every now and then, helps to flush toxicity from the body and the skin.

    If exercise is new to you, or you’re currently resisting it - what’s holding you back? Write down the ‘why’ and set a small goal you can achieve with your exercise regime. Remember that small steps walk us up the mountain so start with those first.



    Ritual and habit is what makes good health and glowing skin. Habits in the way we think, eat, hydrate and move take us one step further along in our health journey. Rituals in skin care are important for our glow. Throughout these 28 days whilst we create new habits and change, we remind ourselves of our ‘why’ whilst we care for our skin. That time, that ritual and process with a cleanse, mist, serum and Radiance Renewal application to our skin is our time to reflect and nourish our body.

    You’re 7 days in…Remind yourself of ‘why’ you’re making change and how you want to ‘feel’. What nourishing rituals have you implemented so far?



    Renewing your diet, health and skin isn’t necessarily about stripping everything back, moreover it’s about enriching your body with nutrition to realise your radiance and glow. Your focus today and moving forward is to increase your plant based foods - vegetables, whole grains, legumes and some fruit in the diet. Our shift toward plants is part of the gentle move from processed and refined foods to those more nourishing. Plants and botanicals are the key ingredients of the Jurlique 28 Day Radiance Renewal Programme too.

    Make a small list of your favourite foods and consider how you can make some swaps to boost the plant power in each dish. If it’s lasagne, can you swap some meat for some lentils, if it’s cheesy can you swap for nuts and seeds?


    DAY 9 : BOOST       

    As we speak of plants, let’s focus on some of those rich in Vitamin C. This powerful vitamin is present in our colourful fruits and vegetables, and in particular citrus fruits, on grocery shelves. However, we also find a rich source of Vitamin C in both Step 1 and Step 2 of Jurlique’s Radiance Renewal Programme via the key ingredient and Australian Bush Native - Kakadu Plum.

    With a focus on boosting the diet with Vitamin C rich foods we’re also boosting the skin with C rich Kakadu Plum - with the BOOST element in mind, what other areas of your life do you feel need a boost? Write them down and consider how you can create a change.


    DAY 10 : IMMERSE 

    Vitamin C to Vitamin Sea. Boosting properties for slightly different reasons however. Whilst Vitamin C boosts the skin, immune system and fights the damaging effects of stress, Vitamin Sea, or as we commonly call it a swim in the ocean or immersing yourself in the sea, is an experience rich in negative ions. These negative ions can help recharge our body and can reduce fatigue. Slightly less fatigue is something most of us can do with and certainly shows in the radiance of our skin.

    How can you make time to get into the ocean, sea or nearest to water - even a fresh shower or bath today or this week? Make a note to GIVE that time to yourself and refresh with Vitamin Sea.


    DAY 11: DIGEST

    Day 11 marks your time to acknowledge how you truly ‘rest and digest’ . I speak of this a lot in nutrition. Too often we eat too fast, on the run, distracted by other things, and don’t allow our body’s to digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients in our food. Today and moving forward for all meals, take a seat, be present with your food and notice how different you feel after eating. This same practice works within your skin care ritual. Don’t rush the process, enjoy it, be present and nourish with each step.

    If time is something which leads you to eat on the run, look at how you manage your time and your meals so they aren’t as rushed. It’s a challenging step but a very worthwhile one and a habit to take forward for life.


    DAY 12: REST

    ‘Rest and digest’ with food, but also, allow time to actually let your entire body ‘rest’. Focus on good quality sleep, plenty of it, and days allocated to down time or freeing up space from the ‘busy’ of life. We cannot expect change if we are exhausted.

    Be prepared to twiddle your fingers a little as you wind down from creating ‘busy-ness’ in life. On this day and step you don’t make a list, the opposite, you start to create white space in your current one.



    Time to revisit the plant factor and up the intake of greens. Plants and botanicals are the base ingredients for Jurlique Skin Care and they too should lay the foundations for the diet. Today consider how to increase the green vegetables in the diet. These are particularly rich in fibre, antioxidants (including Vitamin C), minerals and phytochemicals to deliver rich nutrition to our skin cells.

    As you up the greens, try something new. A new green vegetable - chinese greens, herbs, chard, bitter greens - or the way you cook it.


    DAY 14 : STRETCH

    Stretch your mind, and your body with the way you think and move, maintain that beautiful elasticity in your skin by integrating new steps in your skin care ritual. Both Step 1 and Step 2 of Jurlique’s Radiance Renewal Programme deliver nutrients to work with your skin’s natural renewal cycle and leave you looking and feeling luminous.

    Each week allocate some time to stretch your body. If this is new for you, start with 5 minutes, two times per week and as you feel your body respond lengthen the time and increase the frequency. We can create ritual in both our stretch and skin routine with ease and grace.


     DAY 15 : SWITCH

    Perhaps you’re a seasoned hard exerciser, perhaps a little more restrictive on your diet or perhaps not allowing kindness to your skin and the body you’re in. This first two weeks has taken you through new ideas to soften, replenish, radiate and glow, but it’s up to one person to switch a practice to something new… that person is you.

    How do you make the switch? Sometimes all or nothing approach isn’t what supports long term health habits and goals, can you take a gentler approach and integrate slowly over the next few weeks or months?


    DAY 16 : SWEETEN

    Sweeten the deal for your skin, by reducing the sweet in your life. This might be refined sugars we find in processed foods, sauces, condiments, in your coffee (which hopefully you’ve reduced earlier on this month) or for some in excess consumption (3+ pieces per day) of fruit. Nutritionally we understand that sugar has implications for our hormones and can lead to inflamed skin conditions too. When we reduce sugar, both refined and natural sugars, in the diet many people notice change to their skin.

    You may be revisiting your vice here as the most common vices are sweet! If sugar or sweet is your thing, look at the times of day you are reaching for them and what is happening at that time to motivate you to do so.


    DAY 17 : IMPROVE

    Improve your understanding and intake of healthy fats. For too long, fats were demonised, when really healthy fats should be favoured in our diet. It’s your time to bring back some healthy fat! Nuts, seeds, avocado, olive, flax and macadamia oil are the goals. Not in huge doses, but with each meal yes. Fats also help to satiate appetite, reduce sugar cravings and deliver essential fatty acids to the skin to complement the glow you create with your 28 Day skin care ritual…you see how it all comes together?

    You’re over half way, what lessons have you learnt so far and how are you linking the small steps togeher?


    DAY 18 : BREATHE

    How does this affect my skin and my health you ask? A couple of key points… Oxygen is important in our blood to deliver nutrients to cells and we acquire oxygen through our breath. However on a mental, emotional and physical level, a big deep breath or several significantly reduces stress. Stress builds up within the body affecting hormones, nutrition and this can show in our skin. Using our breath however, reduces stress, and improves overall wellbeing.

    Are you conscious of your breath and how you use it? Is it shallow or normal? How can you allocate a few minutes each day to sit and be completely present with your breath.


    DAY 19 : PARE 

    Every now and then it’s ok to pare back on a few elements in the diet if you feel they are not working in your favour. Long term we don’t want to focus on restriction and elimination but tuning into your body is always valuable. For example, paring back intake of grains for a period of time for some can aid digestion. See how this works for you for a day - be it grains, dairy, or perhaps non-vegetarian proteins. It’s important we frequently revisit digestion because it plays into all other incredible systems within our body - including delivering that glow to your skin!

    Note down the foods you feel your body does not respond well to and try reducing your intake over a period of time.


    DAY 20 : PLANT

    Just as we are using beautiful botanicals on our skin in Jurlique’s 28 Day Radiance Renewal Programme, we practice integrating plants, in particular plant based proteins into our diet to provide support to our skin from within. Plant based proteins are found in lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, quinoa, nuts, seeds, tahini, nut butters and flax oil.

    Where can you up your protein with plants? Make a note of meals you can start to integrate more plant based proteins, create and grow from there.


    DAY 21 : NATURE

    Be amongst it - it’s wondrous and can only amplify the state of your wellbeing. Time in nature is what our body craves most, and yet we are too infrequent in it. It’s a simple means to reduce stress, improve your intake of clean, quality air and to be truly present with what is around you.

    Whilst so many of us live in the hustle of the city it’s time to diarise how to escape it and be within nature - is it once per week, per fortnight or even per month to start? How will you create that time?


    DAY 22 : RAINBOW

    Don’t worry, the next day or step is not for unicorns…rather our focus on this day and moving forward is to eat the rainbow, or the colours of it that is. Draw nutrition from a variety of sources within primarily the plant based kingdom. Our skin loves the nutrition delivered by an abundance of colourful fruits and vegetables because it delivers Vitamin C, antioxidants, and fibre to nourish our body within and protect the skin cells from damage. This works in partnership with the nutrients delivered in both Step 1 and Step 2 of Jurlique’s Radiance Renewal Programme.

    How do you create your plate? Does it generally look the same or can you start to think about how to integrate new and interesting ingredients so you can eat the colours of the rainbow?


    DAY 23 : RENEW

    The practices in health you learnt earlier in the month, have you maintained them or do they need to be renewed? Think of renewing your approach in the same way your skin’s natural cycle renews throughout the 28 days. We maintain practice and ritual to achieve a radiant result.

    How will you renew your approach today? Are you motivated or do you need to renew the way you are practicing good health for your skin and body?


     DAY 24 : DETOX

    Hold before you judge! We’re not going on a full blown detox in a day, however, what we are doing is a small digital detox to refresh the way you think. Remember mindset comes right up the front in health and too often these days our thoughts are changed by the influential images and information being presented to us by others. Detoxify a little from your digital addiction today and moving forward and feel how this changes your mental wellbeing and the manner at which you realise your own beauty.

    How present are you on your digital media? Is it affecting the way you think about YOU and the way you approach your health? Is it dampening your glow?


    DAY 25 : IMMUNE

    Often as we reduce, improve, change in health we find our bodies start to release toxicity and our immune systems work hard at this time to support us. Sometimes we see the initial release in our skin, but it passes in time. The key nutrients we use to support our immune system, we also find in Radiance Renewal in Kakadu Plum and echinacea. A beautiful integration of these ingredients to restore and replenish the health of our skin and our body from within.

    How do you let your body and the immune system restore and replenish? When our immune system is working over time and our body starts to release often it is time to schedule in some more rest - can you create space to do so?


     DAY 26 : RESTORE

    Maybe you’ve stayed on track with your 28 Day Renewal Programme skin ritual but you haven’t quite kept on top of the path you set out with your food and that’s ok. This is your little reminder that just because you haven’t done it all at once, it does not mean it’s too late to start at all. Restore your practice in food and health if it has gone amiss and practice it from here on.

    What are the excuses or habits that have crept in at this stage with your health - if any? Can you recognise these to implement change?



    One of my favourites - REPLENISH your skin (Step 2 of the Radiance Renewal) but also replenish your pantry and fridge with all the incredible foods and ingredients you’ve learnt on your journey thus far! Good health and diet comes from having great nourishing ingredients on hand to create that. Try to eliminate those foods you may have been tempted by in the past and focus on those that improve your beautiful glow and make you FEEL better than ever.

    Make a list of the new foods you’ve tried this month and add a few to your weekly shop to maintain flow in your kitchen with variety and creativity.


     DAY 28 : RADIATE

    Sit, be present with your meal, be present with your skin ritual, be present with you and the radiating beauty that comes from within.

    Revisit what you have learned on this journey of Jurlique’s 28 Days Radiance Renewal Programme and what you can continue to implement gently into you life and your health.


    Read more by Jacqueline Alwill at

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