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    Journey to the Jar: The Story of Our Yarrow

    In Greek mythology, the herb Yarrow was considered so powerful it was believed to bestow immortality on those who bathed in its waters. According to legend, Achilles was one such hero, having been dipped in the Yarrow-laced water of the river Styx by his mother when he was a baby. Alas, a spot was missed – his so-called Achilles heel – which would prove to be his fatal weakness in battle. Yarrow’s Latin name – Achillea millefolium – still hints at this legendary association.

    We’ve grown Yarrow on the Jurlique farm for many years and its ability to promote smoother, firmer skin makes it a star ingredient in many of our natural-based products, including our iconic Herbal Recovery range. Here’s a look at the journey this plant undergoes, as it progresses from seed to skin care.


    Breeding more seeds

    We’ve recently increased the volume of Yarrow that’s planted on the farm, and to do this, our first step is always to collect the seeds from our existing plants. We then propagate the seeds in the hothouse on the farm.

    Room to grow

    Yarrow is a perennial plant that’s strong, resilient and grows very quickly. We like to give it plenty of room to grow, otherwise it can “choke” itself. As with all the botanicals on our organic farm, Yarrow grows without the use of synthetic pesticides or insecticides.

    Carefully hand-picked

    We have a dedicated team that picks each and every botanical by hand. Harvesting of the Yarrow takes place in the springtime, and only occurs when the flowers are at their peak. This maximises the potency of their active ingredients, which help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for smoother skin and a more youthful appearance.

    Drying for a continuous supply

    The Yarrow’s flowers are laid flat on large racks and placed in our heated drying cupboards; it typically takes around five or six days for them to dry completely. The dried plants can be stored for up to three years without compromising their natural, skin-enhancing properties, so we always have enough on hand to ensure a continuous supply of the best quality extracts.

    Extraction begins

    We follow our exclusive extraction method, to capture as many vital nutrients from our botanicals as possible. This proprietary process captures the pure, potent and active essential nutrients and minerals from the plants. The Yarrow extract is then transported to our nearby Natural Beauty Plant. It’s here that this beautiful botanical becomes a key component in your favourite products like our radiance-restoring Herbal Recovery Signature Serum.

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