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    The Rose Whisperer

    Roses are Nature’s most remarkable beauty treatment for they represent a host of benefits that leave skin feeling soothed, deeply hydrated and looking radiant. For these reasons, it’s the most treasured of crops at our farm in the Adelaide Hills, and the star ingredient in some of our bestselling skin care.

    The woman who has helped our Roses to grow ever bounteous and powerful is Wilma Haeusler, whom we affectionately call our resident Rose whisperer. Wilma has worked with us for 11 years and is the proud custodian of every single Rose on our farm.

    “I’ve always loved Roses because of their vibrant colour and fragrance,” says Wilma. “I think everybody loves Roses.”

    The active, beauty-enhancing ingredients in our products are a testament to the endless care Wilma applies to hand-harvesting petals, fertilising Rose bushes, and pruning the heads to encourage new buds.


    Bouquet of beauty

    On the Jurlique farm, several varieties of Roses currently grow – including English Roses and the deeply hydrating Rosa gallica, the hero of our Rose Moisture Plus range – from almost 2,000 bushes. They’re all grown using regenerative agriculture methods, which is one step beyond organically. These natural growing practices result in concentrated botanicals that deliver glowing skin.

    The Roses we grow at Jurlique, in particular our Rosa gallica variety, boast many superpowers, the first of which is hydration. While its extract deeply enriches skin, it also helps prevent moisture loss. The Rose extract itself is a powerful antioxidant, which helps protect the skin against environmental aggressors. Finally, Rose has the benefit of encouraging radiance, so that your skin glows from within.


    Everything by hand

    Each winter, all of our Roses are hand-pruned, and Wilma’s careful technique that’s been crafted over many years produces vigorous growth and luscious flowers with a high yield of petals.

    Sharing some of her process, Wilma says her team hand-weeds and mulches to ensure optimum growth and keep the plants moist. “It’s important to keep the water consistent over summer to encourage a continual flush of flowers,” she shares. “We remove any shoots from the root stock to transfer the energy to the new bud growth, which, in turn, produces more flowers.”

    The bushes are also fertilised each spring with an organic compost that’s made on the farm. The Rose flowers are hand-harvested once or twice weekly when in full bloom, i.e. from the middle of spring through to autumn.

    “When we harvest, we ensure the morning dew has lifted we never harvest a wet petal,” says Wilma. This dedication speaks to how meticulous we are about the ingredients that make up our formulas. Only the best of Nature will do.

    “Whilst harvesting, we also tidy up the plant and prune the dead heads, again to encourage more buds.”

    Wilma says: “In my time at Jurlique, we’ve never had a rejected batch of Roses and, in fact, any flowers. Our flowers are of superior quality and purity.” This standard of high-grade Roses we hold ourselves to is what makes our skin care so powerful and unique. And the end result? Radiant, glowing skin that looks and feels its absolute best.






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